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Friday, May 20, 2005

Let the Clone Wars begin

Here are my questions...

Three names I've been called:

MacPhudpucker (grandpa)
MotorMouth (Jerry, the schoolbus driver in 1st grade)
Paul (some guy at a deli back home, who must have wondered wtf when I signed my name)

Three screen names that I am glad I didn't choose:

1. ltcmdrphoeonix
2. feynman
3. cmdrphoenix

Three things I like about James Morris:

1. Arizona
2. His hair (Jen White's a big fan too)
3. He shares an office with the Don.

Three things I don't like about Rick Santorum:

Three things is not enough of an opportunity for to properly express my dislike of this individual.

Three parts of my body:

1. left pinkie finger
2. xiphoid process
3. a partially formed identical twin causing me to see incredible hallucinations

Three things that weird me out:

1. shrimp, the cockroaches of the sea
2. scientology
3. wearing white after labor day

Three of my everyday essentials:

1. internet
2. a good bowel movement
3. clean underwear

Three things I am wearing right now:

1. my prosthetic moustache
2. a shit-eating grin
3. a mu-mu

Three of my least favorite colors:

1. pink
2. melon
3. burnt sienna

Three of my fave movies:

1. Howard the Duck
2. Major League II
3. Piñata: Survival Island

Three new things I want to for Christmas:

1. cash money
2. to be done with my General Exam
3. to be someplace warm

Three things I dislike in a relationship:

1. makeup
2. intermittent sex
3. talking about being in a relationship incessantly

Two lies and a truth:

1. I lie all the time.
2. I lie someties.
3. I never lie.

Three things that attract me to Physics:

1. hotspot for meeting women
2. who doesn't want to spend years studying Quantum Mechanics?
3. crazy german professors

Three things I can do without:

1. fast food
2. supernaturalism
3. people without direction

Three things I do a lot of:

1. Cooking
2. Breaking/fixing things
3. Bitching

Three places I've been on vacation:

1. Rocky Mountain National Park
2. Puracé Volcano, Colombia
3. Junior and Senior years, undergrad

Three things I just can't stop doing:

1. Talking
2. Chowing down tender cuts o' cow
3. sounding like a stage villan when I laugh

Three kids' names that should never be:

1. Chisom (for a girl)
2. Kelly (for a boy)
3. Buttface

Three things I want to do after I die:

1. Get my PhD
2. Never have to worry about eating cheese again
3. Kick back and not do anything for a while

Three celebrities I hope I never meet:

1. Alanis Morrisette
2. Paul Reubens
3. Keith Hernandez

I tag nobody, because I'm not in 2nd grade anymore.


  • At 9:14 AM, Blogger Feynman said…

    Dude, if you chose ltcmdrpheonix you might have more people read your blog ;)


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