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Friday, May 20, 2005

What People Talk About

[19:48] Arjuna Yeah, I have 8x AGP. It'd be like having a set of teeth in my asshole, absolutely useless.
[19:48] Arjuna Actually, a set of teeth in my asshole would be useful in certain circumstances.
[19:49] Prezident yea, like if you were in prison
[19:49] Arjuna Yep, that is what I was thinking.
[19:49] Arjuna As long as the teeth could bite down it'd be ok.
[19:49] Arjuna Teeth without the jaw would be pretty pointless.
[19:49] Arjuna They
[19:49] Prezident now, would you have to brush the teeth in your asshole too?
[19:50] Arjuna They'd just scrape.
[19:50] Prezident and if you did, would you use the same toothbrush you use for your mouth?
[19:50] Arjuna I am not sure about that, I'd guess you'd have too.
[19:50] Arjuna I'd use the same one, but I'd always brush the teeth in my mouth first then my asshole teeth.
[19:51] Arjuna Soak it in some alcohol afterwards.
[19:51] Arjuna I'd have a really nice vibrating toothbrush though.
[19:51] Arjuna And my farts would smell like toothpaste!
[19:52] Prezident gives a whole new meaning to morning breath
[19:52] Arjuna Sure does.


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