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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Free Things to do in Ohio

I got this idea from a show the Don pointed out to me called "30 Days". In the show, a guy and his girlfriend live on minimum wage in Columbus, Ohio, for 30 days. One day, he is looking for free things to do with his nephew and neice and looks up this site. It includes such classics as:

Animal shelter: Kind of a sad visit if you don’t plan to adopt an animal but you may consider volunteering to walk a dog. Sometimes, the facility will allow you to tour its clinic and explain the shots and other treatments. It’s good for kids to learn about pet care.

Bank: Call up your local bank and ask for a tour. Winter Advisory: If you wear a ski-mask, take it off before entering the bank. Kids love the big vaults.

Model homes: Create your own home and garden show. Just go to dream or get ideas for your own home improvement or landscaping project. Bring a camera.

Water Plant/power plant: Yet another tour awaiting your phone call.

Wow. Ohio just isn't a very fun place to be if you are living on the cheap. One thing this site didn't mention is my favorite pasttime- watching the antics of the crazy crackheads that filter in and out of the rundown house across the street from me. It's better than HBO!


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